Healthy, Happy, Hopeful Results

I chose to leave traditional nursing and become a health coach because I found that building true relationships with my clients versus just a quick interaction with them made a difference in their success. I have had the privilege of getting to play a part in many people’s transformation for healthier, happier, more hopeful lifestyles. I am honored each time we celebrate the wins together. Although these results shared tend to pat me on the back as their coach, the truth is, the hard work was done by each and every one of these folks. They decided to take a step toward their wellness a little each day, and write their transformation story.

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Feature 1

"Kim started as my coach while doing the Whole 30 plan. Every day she would start with encouragement to continue on with the plan. Kim would continue encouraging you and giving you tips throughout the day. I know I would not have been very successful on the plan without her coaching. Kim is dedicated and devoted to coaching no matter what it is she is coaching you on. Kim believes in what she does and has a heart to help you have a healthy happy life. Kim is sincere with her wanting to help those who she coaches. She has done her research and if she doesn't have an answer for a question, she will find the answer for you. Kim is very approachable and dependable. You will not go wrong with COACH KIM!!!!"

Feature 2

"Kim is an inspiration and has such great compassion for anyone that crosses her path. She does not expect you to do anything or try anything that she would not do or try herself.  I participated in one of the Whole 30 challenges she promoted and she sent us several messages during the day to encourage us and help us get thru our most challenging trials. She has excellent communication skills which allows her to connect with all kinds of people and to motivate them to put forth their best efforts. I cannot put into words how compassionate Kim is for people who want to improve their lives."

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"I have been using Kim's accountability groups and purchasing my supplements from her for many years. I love that Kim never pressures her clients and followers. Kim is consistent and always developing new programs and ideas. Kim has taught me that healthy living is not just a 30 day program or a 3 day challenge. It's a lifestyle choice. She will never make you feel inferior and you will never feel intimidated when asking her a question or sharing a problem. Kim is sunshine on a rainy day and one of the most encouraging, genuine women I have ever met!"


Are you ready to write your transformation story?